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So about a week ago I noticed that my beardie’s right eye wasn’t open, and actually crusted shut. I took him to a local vet by my parents house and she told me she doesn’t specialize in reptiles and opened his eye with a lot of struggling and saline solution. Upon seeing his eye, she informed me that it was a ruptured cornea and referred me to another local vet who does corneal surgery on reptiles. As I was leaving the following morning, I set up an appointment with a local reptile vet in my area but the soonest I could get an appointment is next Wednesday. It’s been about 6 days in his new tank and new home and he actually opened the bad eye 2 days ago. And has continued to open it relatively frequently. I can see his third eyelid half covering the eye, but beyond that it looks okay. More often than no he keeps it closed, and it does irritate him as he tries to scratch it but it looks like it’s healing and he’s able to open it more every day? Is it possible there was just some debris in the eye? Or just a scratched cornea?

Attached are 5 photos, the first two are from the first day I saw it and the second two are from today (green blanket) and the last one is when I first saw his eye opening.


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