Runny poop and glass surfing


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The one in the video is Larry, a 4months old beardie (not sure about the sex, I haven’t tried too hard to guess since I figured out it is a bit early anyway). Larry has a mild diarrhea and, just in the morning, goes around the cage and occasionally does glass surfing (see attached video). I assume is because he wants out, because he still doing fine and when I take him out he calms down. As for the diarrhea, it is more about a liquid urate, rather than a liquid poop itself. He had the same poop 3 weeks ago for about 4-5days and then it stopped. Now it has been 2-3 days he has it again. As for everything else, he seems to be doing fine, eating, being alert and active as usual. It was shedding last week and the beginning of this week, I don't know if that can be the reason. Following there are some details of the setup. His terrarium is 40 gallons (36x18x18), with an Arcadia ProT5 12% uvb HO-T5 24w 22" and a 100w basking lamp.The temperatures in the tank are 103-105F in the basking side, 83F on the cool side, and the humidity is 30-34% in the hot side.
Do you have any idea why?



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They tend to get restless this time of year, especially if they are coming out of brumation. Based on what I've observed, the increased activity can cause them to have messy poops, runny urate, and pooping more frequently than normal. Since everything else seems OK, I probably wouldn't worry about it too much for now. If you have a safe space for him to get out and run around it might be beneficial to him.


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Glad to hear that! He's a bit too young to go into brumation but I will keep that in mind, thank you! I will try to let him out during the day so he has more space.

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