Running on two legs!?

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i just caught my little guy doing that while i brought him out for his bath, i let him run around on the floor while i warm up the tub, and from the corner of my eye, i see him bolt towards the wall, but on TWO LEGS lol
has anyone elses beardie done this before? i've seen a video on youtube,


I've seen mine take one or two steps like that as he approached the wall. But nothing like that lol!

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That is pretty cool. Not too many of them do that, but the frilled dragons do that with their frills all of the way out!



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i was actually going to get a frilled dragon instead of a beardie, but i was worried that my parents wouldn't agree with the care needs for one, so i ended up choosing the lonely beardie from petsmart, and now he's just an awesome gentle creature

better to know your own limits as opposed to putting an animal through improper care, something most people don't care about


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WOW! never seen anything like that! lol thats cool. And yes, i want to put one if those in some ones mailbox…. or toilet. bahahahaha!!!


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Haha that is awesome GIF!!

I have never seen one take more than MAYBE 2 steps like that...

ALthought it doest make me miss my frilled! I used to hold a large dubia in my hand and he would bolt across the house at was an amazing feeling!


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OH MY GOSH that is amazing??!?!
that totally just made my day!
Ibe never seen a dragon do that!!!! :lol: :D
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