Running On 2 Back Legs!!!

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I got the shock of my beardie ownership history last night, and I'm still kind of freaked out over this, lol. Last night 10 month old girl, Izzy, took a run across my kitchen, dining room, and living room on her 2 back legs, completely upright. I've personally never seen a beardie do this before and it was both awesome and scary at the same time.

My cockatiel, Duff, was sitting on my bird's.big PVC perch that's in my kitchen last night, having a snack, and it was Izzy's turn to be out with me last night (I rotate evenings out between my 3 beardies). I have 4 birds, a Senegal parrot, a cockatiel, a green cheek conure, and a Quaker parrot who are all free flighted and out of cage any time I'm home. They are used to the beardies and don't even acknowledge that they're even here, though I still don't ever let them alone together, just in case. Well Duff dropped a strawberry onto the floor, and she decided to coast down to the floor and get it before I could get to it. Izzy was no where near the bird perch but rather next to me on the floor across the room. Well the second Duff hit the floor, on the opposite side of the room, for some reason it scared Izzy to death because she took off at the speed of light (she actually ran TOWARDS the bird perch instead of away ?) and was totally upright on her back legs, running incredibly fast (like beardies do when they're outside and get startled) across my kitchen, dining room, and finally into the living room, still upright on her back legs, when she ran smack dab into my ottoman! I wish to god I had been ready with my camera to video it, it was crazy! I was laughing so hard it took me a minute to realize she was stunned from smacking full speed into the furniture, lol. When I went over and scooped her up she was fine, but her little lizard heart was beating a million beats a minute, and I had to hold her for a good hour to calm her down... Meanwhile Duff, the cockatiel, literally just stood frozen, watched Izzy streak by her, then took her strawberry back up onto the perch and continued eating it like nothing had happened....#pets. I hope you all get the opportunity to see a beardie run like a human at some point in your lives, because it's an amazing thing to see...


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That sounds so hilarious! Never heard of this one before. Had she been watching too many frilled dragon videos? lol


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kyleena29":3dehm5vw said:
That sounds so hilarious! Never heard of this one before. Had she been watching too many frilled dragon videos? lol

This looks quite harsh as I think the dragon is really scared hence the speed at which it takes off, but damn they are fast when they need to be.

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kyleena29":300z0gz3 said:
That sounds so hilarious! Never heard of this one before. Had she been watching too many frilled dragon videos? lol

I've seen dragons do this in the wild. Jacky Dragons, Eastern and Central Beardies , frllled necked dragons and eastern water dragons are the species I've seen do this.

My Toothless did it once , he was intent on mating with Peppa , he was way over the other side of the lounge and Peppa suddenly leapt off my knee onto the floor and he was onto her in a flash. Never seen him move so fast !!


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It's just amazing how fast they can move! I'd never seen anything like this before except in YouTube videos of beardies in the desert, I mean Izzy was completely upright with her front legs sticking up in the air! When I finally got hold of her and put her back in her enclosure she was fine, I was the one who was freaked out! She was just looking at me like "What? You run like that, why can't I?"
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