Roswell had Adeno Virus


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Hey all,
I've never posted on here and I'm not even sure I'm doing this right haha. But my bearded dragon's name is Roswell Amadeus York (I thought she was a he but she's not). Anywho, I got the sad news that she has adeno virus (I know there is a new way of saying and spelling it but I dont know how so here's to the old way). I at first didn't know what to do, but I started making her slurries of baby food, bee pollen, milk thistle and colloidal silver. She had been doing great on it, even eating cockroaches and veggies on her own along with it, but today I noticed a decrease in her appetite and she's hiding alot more which makes her sleep. I was wondering if the decrease in appetite could be the colloidal silver? I only started her on it two days ago so I'm unsure exactly how long to give it since it has to be given to her on a cycle. I don't really know why the sudden change in behavior, because yesterday and the day prior were amazing for food and poo days. It was almost as if she didn't have adeno at all... could it be possible she's having yet another flare up?

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I emailed you back. How is your girl doing?
Since she was on antibiotics, that does affect her for awhile after she even completes
them. If she started the colloidal silver right after the antibiotics then her gut flora is
probably a bit low. Are you still giving probiotics for her?
I would continue giving the probiotics for her to help out. Colloidal silver in the amount
you are giving, wont have any side effects. You can cycle it by giving it for a couple of
weeks, then, give a week or so off to detox & flush out her system, while giving some

Let us know how she is doing.

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