Roran FINALLY eats on his own!

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I haven't been on for a while because I have been upset with Roran having to be force fed. I took him to the vet tried meds and everything. FINALLY, after over 6 months, Roran decided to eat a superworm on his own. I went to my parents for a night and left two supers in one of those worm holders and came back and it was empty. I picked up tile and everything and couldn't find them. I just put three in front of him and he ate them, ever so slowly. He beards at them for a minute and then eats it, weird but glorious!!! :blob5: :blob8: Just wanted to share my happy happy news!


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Thanks! I looked back and it was Feb of 09 when he stopped eating! Its been over a year! I am so happy!
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