Rocky Upset Me!

Rocky stressed me out.
So it's about 5 minutes before bedtime so I asked Rocky if he wanted to head to the store with me or not. He said, "NO"- so I left him and said, "You should be sleeping when I return!"
I head out - I return about an hour later and I didn't think to check on Rocky because I knew he was asleep.
About 2 hours later, I run to my room and there is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Rocky anywhere in sight.
I am screammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming. Everyone asks why I call his name as if he will answer but listen....if you read this far you know things are not normal here.
Keep reading.

I moved things around so his "hiding spaces" are gone.
I am on the verge of tears and saying, "OKAY OKAY- I won't leave him out anymore." My room is "Rocky proof" so he won't eat anything, I sweep- including all corners/under bed AND Vaccuum daily (yes) and tuck cords, no plants, I mean, it's a lifestyle.
Anyway, I have a ramp but when not in use, it's leaning against the small dresser.
Well, for the first time- Rocky crawled up and fell asleep on a short stack of clothing.
He was soooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute. He wrapped his tail and was so comfortable. I was still frantic but then turned ANGRY-
He opened his eyes then closed them.
I was going to leave him because I recall don't bother sleeping beardies. Well, I do bother them but they ignore me but in this case, I picked him up.
There was a plastic bag (sealed) and I didn't want him get warm being near it.
As I write this, the feelings are coming back (too soon, too soon LOL)
But know I woke up thinking, ROCKY CAN CLIMB-(the ramp was straight and he climbed straight up it)*
Rocky is smart by following the ramp that would lead to his enclosure.
Rocky followed directions about being asleep-

He is on punishment for 3 days; me 5 days!

*You don't understand, beside my headboard - I have never seen Rocky climb in 2 years. I put him on the side of things and he just "hangs!" He will get on the floor. I even tried my comforter--- NOTHING. The naysayers in my life say that he doesn't do half of the things he should because he knows that MOMMY WILL DO IT- they are surprised that he walks but I tell them that JEALOUSY IS AN UGLY LOOK!

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I agree with chris, I was grinning the whoke time I was reading. This post is SO you and Rocky 🙂. Don't be mad at him, your clothes smell like you and maybe he just wanted cuddles 😉


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I missed your stories :D I understand the stress you were under, but when I read it, I smiled. Don’t punish Rocky for this, he really went looking for you and found your things by smell.


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OK you win @NickAVD and @xp29 I feel better now.
I cooled off and Rocky was on punishment for 8 minutes lol it felt like forever FOR ME.
I really realized Rocky has me wrapped around his finger but HE KNOWS IT..,,separate store coming.

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