Rocky Update

Rocky is back home- he's rolling his eyes at me. He is eating and basking. He is off his eating schedule. I prepared the bugs but he didn't want them so I took them out. Rocky has turned his bowl over during this "brumation" time so I decided not to risk that again. The salad he ignores.

The window seems to freak him out a little so I closed the blind and he is staring at me. Whenever I look back at him, he closed his eyes.

About 10 minutes later, I fed him. When I opened the enclosure, apparently I was too slow because he came out to assist me.

Rocky has allowed me to give him hugs- he sleeps in a little later but he is fully alert and active.
I have no idea what he is doing with his life but he is healthy and happy so I will just continue this journey with him and be grateful.

Oh, while he didn't poop today, he had a very healthy poop yesterday!


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I wish everone was as good with their beardies as you are with Rocky. He won the lottery when you picked him.

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possible brumation
oh yeah also hes massive now and he broke his hammock
Can beardies eat Mustard Greens? Hope so I bought some along with some Cilantro. Needed to try something different. He won't eat his broccoli or cauliflower he used it eat it. So I thought I'd give it a try.
HELP what's happening with my beardie!!he has a lifted up scale and it has shedding in a circle around it I noticed it for the first time yesterday and I have no idea what it is and when I shine a flashlight on him it's yellow around the scale what do I doooo
substrate looks scrumptious
My female bearded dragon has recently started gasping for air all the time. She can’t get sleep or really do anything because she has such a difficult time breathing. I think it might be a RI but I’m not completely sure. Any thoughts?

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