Rocky needs a girlfriend!

It's mating season and he's "flirting" with every rabbit, squirrel and beyond clingy to his hooman. I gave him the plushest stuff animal- he will walk over it but I think this is the reason that I can't keep Rocky in the enclosure.
I put the dig box in the enclosure yesterday- he went in there twice before banging to get out. Then he saw his shadow (I have to fix that) and started flirting with himself.
He only dips in/out of the box but he definitely took to is so I will keep it there. I would rather keep it in the enclosure on the side and clean up if I have to then give him one more reason to get out.

Rocky is definitely a male but let's see what tomorrow brings as you never know with this one. I may be the first to have a male beardie that lays egg- and they hatch unfertilized- watch!

To those that don't follow Rocky's adventures- that was totally a joke, not meant to be offensive and I know it's not possible. Rocky keeps me on my toes and does the unthinkable at times so I'm adding this to the list.
Most importantly, wouldn't change my Rocky for the world! (Don't read back a few posts as I was totally open to a beardie swap or at least I was thinking it LOL)

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Just wait till he starts stea..... borrowing your car without permission lmao 🤣


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Just wait till he starts stea..... borrowing your car without permission lmao 🤣
Seriously~~~~ He's up watching me and not banging to get out. I am a little concerned. He's plotting his next move. I am hoping that he's too mature now to do such acts but should I be so lucky.

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