Rocks from ocean?

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I found some realy nice rocks from a beach that wold look great in my tank but was wondering if i could use them in my tank?I hae them in a bucket of water and abot 10% is bleack to remove any bacteria?


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as long as you disinfected it the way you explained and bake it in the oven for an hour or two it should be ok.


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I'm reluctant on things from the outside. But that's just me. Every dragon owner is different.

You could bake them, soak them in a small bleach solution - boil them. I like hard environments I get from a petstore that can be dishwashed, boiled and sanitized.

But I'm neurotic, LoL... ;)


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same thing. baked wood makes your house smell like you have a fireplace :) I prefer anti-bacterial soap for wood. I'm not sure how correct it is though, but I haven't had any problems. I just worry about bleach being absorbed into the wood and not getting it all out. I thought soap if ingested would be safer.

oh and before you bake rocks make sure they are completely dry first. They can crack and break if you don't.
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