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Hi, My name is Wolfy. I'm a new owner.

I'm an experienced exotic pet owner. I write for Critters, Ferrets, Birdtalk, etc, magazines. However, this is all new to me and I'm having fun learning. I look forward to that here and most of all to hooking up with others that loves these little guys.

26 years ago, hubby wanted a beardy. Well 26 years ago, they didn't know much about these things. Oh they said they did! But most info out there was wrong and many reptiles suffered. In this case, for years, local shops over estimated how much room a beardy needed. We were told a minimum of 4 foot long and 6-8 foot was optimal. Yaaaaaah wasn't doin' that. lol. As you know thats not so. And as the years went by we found that out. But alas life took us in other pet directions. Finally...... our day came!

So I decided, I had contributed enough to rescue work in other areas and that I wanted, what I wanted. I decided that would be a big, private bred, juvenile, morph male, and I had a head shape in mind. But, ::pout pout:: it seemed like nobody in the SE was really breeding those this year. And it seemed like those found online that I liked? Were going to be 250 bucks. I just didnt have it ya know? I waited so long for this, I couldn't wait all the way to august for repticon in hopes Id find a breeder (we're talking it was like 6 months). I found two shops in Knoxville tn who gets their stock from private breeders. Well, they were going to sell babies and they'd not be available until June. Ugh. I dont want a baby. I can't wait that long. To satisfy our hunger, we traveled up there on a day trip "just cause". Well when I walked in, guess what they had? Exactly to the T what I wanted. A breeder had just brought them in like the day before. They were very affordable. One drawback. They didnt' have striking color that I so wanted, he is a faint red morph. But hey, they were almost half the price I wanted to spend and I was tired of waiting.

While there, this big ole male kept a bearded and head bobbed at everyone. His two brothers were prettier with markings. But then, omg, he ran down off his basking rock, walked over to a brother, turned his tail and took a huge dump on him right in front of us ... then promptly ran back on the rock. My 23 year old son shouted, "I want HIM". I wanted to die. Lol.

We've had the guy for like 6 weeks I think and he's grown half an inch. He is now 17 1/2 inches at 8 months old. that's big right? I mean I can expect him to be at least slightly bigger than average?

He is nameless. Never in my dang life have I struggled over a name like this. 6 weeks or so and no name?? Ugh. I think of cool ones, but then when I go to talk to him, the names dont roll off teh tongue at all. Then I got hubby who names our ferrets things like Blacky, Precious, Baby, etc... wanted to name him Snuggles. I'm in pain, deep pain. :/

So thats my story ... aaaaaaaaaaand Im' stickin' to it.


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Awe thank you! That saucey personality went right out the window when we got a hold of him. He's YET to display his beard. He's "that" cozy here. :/ lol.


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That's funny, my dragon is just a baby. Just six inches long and he puffed what little beard he had at our green cheek conure. I didn't even know they had a beard at that age! :D I may post the vid on YouTube someday, once I figure out how to do that.
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