roach chow.

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Can I make roach chow out of wellness core dog food fish flavor... or can it be just beardie pellets, calcium powder, and citrus powder.

I really need to know my roaches havent had food in like 5 days.

Thank you :)


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You can make roach chow out of pretty much anything you want :) I just throw a bunch of stuff in the food processor and give it to them. Sometimes its dog food, sometimes cat food, a little oatmeal, fish food...then I toss in the leftover salad that my beardies didn't finish that day.


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be careful using calcium in your chow. I read somewhere that when crickets are fed calcium alot they become britle. I think it may be the same for roaches i'm not sure. I hope someone else reads this and confirms what I am thinking. but as for roach chow you can use pretty much anything. I use 2 different chows. one i load up with chereos and kitten food from purina i'll throw some dragon pellets in and just a pinch of tang for the sugar factor(i learned this the hard way, I had cracked out roaches for about 3 days b/c i gave them too much). In my other batch of chow, I use the kitten food also, i'll throw some fish food in there, apple jacks or some other cereal that I have laying around and then i'll tear off some sort of green that I am currently feeding my beardie and lay it in cage for them to knaw on just to give them something different. roaches are not very picky but I have noticed that they have favorite foods such as oranges, and certain cereals. Honey nut cherrioes they would fight over when I was feeding it. Just a thought. I hope this helps. Whatever you do feed them, make sure that they are getting plenty of protein or they will start eating each other. had this hapen and I had to switch to kitten food.
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