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RIP my lovely big smoogy girl Peppa. :(

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Peppa just passed away , she suddenly went really blackbeard and was arching her head up with her mouth wide open , so I picked her up she was having a snuggle and being comforted by me while I my wife was trying to get onto the reptile vets (but no one was answering at any of them (West Wallsend/Sugarloaf, Mt Hutton, or Glendale) when started holding her breath for long periods and gasped and took deep breaths with very shallow chest movements between , and opened her mouth wide and spasmed a few more times over her last 30 minutes.

When I realized she was very ill (5:30pm) , it was already too late to even call the Mobile Vet. I don't think they would have been able to do anything to help her based on my experience the local reptile vets in the past.

She spent her last two hours on me . At least she died with her two special people comforting her and making sure she knew was loved.

I flipped her over when I hadn't seen any sign of life for 5 minutes and her lungs had collapsed and there is no response.

RIP my lovely big smoogy girl Peppa , mommy and daddy are going to miss you.

Update (necropsy) = aggressive tumor involving liver & gastric track. A heart failure killed her. No evidence of infection. Vet thinks it was a genetic issue.
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