RIP Flamey, my sweet dragon prince


(Flamey disclosing lizard secrets circa 2019, colorized)

I miss your secrets. I miss your scales. I miss your judgmental looks , and I miss you randomly ****ting on my fresh sheets. Despite the last part, you've always been a gentleman, a kind sir, the prince of all dragons.

I miss us laying on my bed and you sleeping on my chest. The weight and your scales felt so relaxing and you got to enjoy my warmth and some soft covers.

I got you when you were itty bitty and you grew up to be so massive! The villagers are scared! You lived on this earth with me for 8 beautiful years. I feel selfish saying that was too short, I truly want more of your time.

I wish there was more I could do for you my love. I'm so sorry you had to suffer, even for a brief moment. I would take it all away if I could have. </3

Thank you for everything, Flamey. I love you and that'll never change. Until we meet again there is going to be a beardie sized hole in my heart that will never be filled.

RIP 1/19/2022
(GNT diagnosis 1/12/2022)


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Here I go crying again.

I really miss you little buddy. Despite what anyone may say, I love you forever and you are my friend and baby boy.


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