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So I’ve posted on here a lot about my baby beardie, but I noticed something today. He has like a ring around the base of his tail. He’s been having issues with a prolapse for about a month or so now, got the soonest appointment I could when I noticed which is tomorrow. (Keep in mind he prolapses when he poops but it goes back in within a few mins) Could this be related to that, or maybe the start of a shed?


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I agree, just a small patch of shed. BTW, your dragon does not have a prolapse. When they poo you might sometimes see a small bit of tissue that briefly pops out just a bit. A vet isn't needed for that, unless you're having a fecal test done, you just have to be sure you don't feed him stuff that's too big and be sure he's well hydrated. A little canned pumpkin [ no spice added ] is good to help them if they have trouble passing a large b.m.

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