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RI? Mouth Rot? Stress? – PLEASE HELP!!!

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Hi All – We're new to keeping bearded dragons however doing our best to read as much as possible and my 6YO son's baby beardie, 3-4mos old, has recently developed something around her mouth.

She definitely did not have this when we first got her about five weeks ago. It seems to be getting worse each day. The vet we saw today said nothing is wrong with her but my intuition says otherwise.

There seems to be some sort of crust around her mouth. We also noticed the tip of her mouth has an opening now, something she didn't have/do before. We've also noticed the dark stress marks under her after she had her shed earlier this month (September). Additionally, when we walk up to her tank to see her or reach in to grab her to hold, she'll gape at us. A few times a saliva bubble would form. Also, do her nostrils look clogged? She still has an appetite and is eating just fine.

I just snuck in to take a quick photo with my camera light on and you can see how bad her mouth now looks. This was about thirty minutes ago (last image). If it's easier to view the photos without the Photobucket watermark, you can find them here: https://app.photobucket.com/u/Brunster/p/abfc0f29-212e-4508-8b21-23b0eb30c5e6

I know you’ll ask so her set up is the following:
• 20gallon long
• 100w basking on from 8am-8pm
• 24” 10UVB T8
• 100w CHE for nighttime on from 8pm-8am
• day temp: ~100-105°
• night temp: ~80-85°
• substrate was the calcium sand that came with the kit but now just a mat
• eats about 4-5 small crickets per feeding 2x/day with calcium powder
• ate romaine lettuce and spinach about twice a week but just switched to collard greens

I've read this forum and a few others over and over... and at this point would guess it's either RI or mouth rot and clearly the poor girl is stressed. Can you experts help?

I would be devastated if anything happened to her as my kids have quickly recognized her as our latest family member... please help! Appreciate any insights that will help point the way to her quick recovery.

– Stressed Mom and Dad







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Your instinct is correct, there is definitely something going on there & it needs to be taken
care of as soon as possible.
Just glancing at your setup information, it seems pretty good. Which tube bulb brand are you
using the Reptisun T8 10 or the Arcadia D3 12% T8?
What kind of thermometer are you using, a digital probe or a temp gun? Can you post a few
pictures of her tank setup also, just so we can see how everything is arranged for her?
For now, try to get some raw, unpasteurized honey to start treating her mouth with. It is safe,
non toxic in case she ingests it & it tastes good too. It is an antibacterial & antimicrobial agent
so if there is any fungal issues going on, that should start to help that out.
Is she by chance, rubbing her snout up against the glass at all, which could have caused this
rostral damage & separation at the mouth?

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