Rex at the vet...

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Rex went to the vet today. The girls LOVED him!
He was a good boy no bearding black or not. He was weighed and checked and yes we have an upper Resp Infection.

However...get this. "So what makes you think he's got an upper respiratory infection. Well he sneezed, Did he . I nodded. And he's wheezing at times and star gazing in his tank. Is he eating? yes. They had a questioner on feeding tank temps. Looked like our list here so I breezed through it at fast rate. She reads and smiles. "OK any thoughts as to how he might have gotten it. Well he likes to swim...under water. She blinked and I laughed.

"And I changed his substrate and it was a bit dusty so he might have gotten it them. She nods. Yep both can do that but he LOOKS GREAT. sh really stressed how when she usually sees them they look really bad care is wrong and husbandry becomes a lesson.

She said i was doing everything right and just sometimes it happens.

She gave him a shot. he took it like a champ and gave me a liquid for him daily for 10 days.

THANKS GUYS! I have it right because of people like you all here. You rock but you knew that...


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Awwww! I need to take Brutus to his first vet appt. soon and I can't wait! We'll just do a checkup. Sounds like it was a fun day at the vet! Hoorah!


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That's great!!!

Get well soon, Rex!


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He got the last of his meds today and didn't want to lick them so like a kid you know he's feeling better. :) Thanks for all the well wishes.
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