Rest In Peace Little Foot

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My poor little baby died Monday night... He slowed down on food for a good few days then stopped eating. I tried syringe feeding but he didn't want it. He was a tiny baby. 5" long from nose to tip of tail. I found him chewing his feet and took him straight to he hospital. I've been crying since I seen him chewing his feet. Since he was so tiny the meds the vet suggested might not have worked and I didn't want my baby in any type of pain so I had to put him down ;( such a short life. I had all the right lighting, I soaked him everyday, gave him the best worms and calcium... He had shedding issues and just never shed. It began cutting off circulation and he began to self mutilate. Well he tried but I stopped him. The vet said he could have been born with an issue that made it hard for him to shed? Maybe it was just bad parenting on my end? idk... All I know is that I love that little baby so much and a piece f my heart went with him ;(

You were such a good baby. You let me hold you and play. You got along well with your girlfriend whom I purchased with you... You ate so well the first 3 weeks... loved the water... and you were so gorgeous. I love you my Little Foot. I hope you're at peace and are no longer suffering. Rest in peace my pretty boy.
Mommy misses you and will always love you!
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