Residue/crust or broken scales on lips


Hi everyone,

Hoping you guys can help me. My sons beardy spike has some type of residue or crust on his lips. At first I thought maybe it was residue from eating crickets but I’ve tried cleaning it off with a warm cloth but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything. I don’t want to try too hard because I’m afraid of hurting him. I did some research and thought that maybe it’s mouth rot but I’m not sure. Help would be appreciated


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Oh man - maybe you can post this in the Beardie ER section? I’m really not sure - but it looks like you def need some medical advice / medical attention (if in fact that’s in fact what’s going on) - and maybe this comment will bump up the priority - but I hope you find some help - I would def post on Beardie ER section and def add these photos! I wish you the best of luck!

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That does not look good there at all & most likely is very sore for him.
How long has it looked this way?
We need to review your tank setup such as the type/brand of UVB lighting & temperatures in
the tank. Do you have any raw or unpasteurized honey? For now you can use that on his
mouth area but you should consider getting him in to see a vet.
Is he having trouble eating?



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Thanks for the concern everyone I did end up posting it in beardie ER. I did use betadine and raw honey as recommended and he’s looking a lot better. Still have an appointment with the vet today hopefully nothing to worry about

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I am glad to hear he is doing a little better. I am anxious to hear what the vet had to say & what
other treatment means or methods he suggested for him.
Is he eating very well?
Let us know how he is progressing.


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