Research Study - How Big is Your Beardie?

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Thanks so much for these guys :D
Im putting them all into the tables and just waiting till i get that little bit more data. This may even help me get a job - its already got me as far as an interview! :)


My Dragon Dozo was hatched on 7/02/12. I was able to bring him home on 7/31/12. Up until now I always measured him from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail so I can't really give you his body length. Dozo gets weighed daily, usually right after his morning poo and before he gets to eat. So, he's literally weighed without anything in his stomach or his intestinal tract to get his true body weight. Every single day since I brought him home we have logged his temperature when he wakes up and periodically throughout the day, we log his weight, we count and log the quantity of bugs he eats at each feeding, we estimate how much greens he takes in and yes, we log every single time he poo's, bath's, sheds, Vet visits (he's had 3 fecal tests) everything on this little Dragon goes into his log book!

1 month old (7/31/12)
Weight = 6 grams
Length = 5 and 1/4 inches (body and tail, no nips)

2 months old (8/31/12)
Weight = 35 grams
Length = 7 inches (body and tail)

3 months (9/30/12)
Weight = 110 grams
Length = 11 and 1/2 inches (body and tail)

4 months (10/31/12)
Weight = 221 grams
Length = 16 inches (body and tail)

5 months (11/30/12)
Weight = 296 grams
Length = 19 inches (body and tail)

Today 12/10/12 he weighed 316 grams, empty stomach and after his morning poo. Body length = 7.5 inches. I'll try to remember to update at the end of every month. Good luck.


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We have 4 dragons, have had them for a month, except the baby we have had her since Dec. Her hatch date was Oct 1. The other three are rescues.
We just started weighing them weekly, so this is the first result, and in a few weeks I will give you an update on a full month, growth and weight.
Age 4 mo
SVL 4 1/2 inches
48 grams

Age 12 (guess)
SVL 7 inches
281 grams

Age 2 yrs (guess)
7 inches
308 grams

Age 2 yrs (guess)
7 and 1/2 inches
348 grams
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