reptisun 10.O or 5.0

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Ok so I have a 20 gallon and i was wonder should i get a 10.0 or a 5.0 since the cage is only 12 inches high and then theres gonna be stuff in their he or she can climb on. also i have 2 old hoods really old and thier no reflectors and i dont no if the give off enough power should i buy a new one? thank.


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If you have a choice, go with the ReptiSun 10.0, no question. A beardie can safely (and ideally) get to within 6-8 inches of the 10.0 and it's an excellent bulb, good strong UVB. The 5.0 is a safe bulb, but just "ok" in terms of UVB. We used one in our starter tank, a 15 gallon because I didn't realize at that time that beardie could get to within 6-8 inches of the 10.0, safely. I always regretted not going for the 10.0, as our beardie was struggling previously to installing the ReptiSun, and while she did much better under it than her old compact, it wasn't as effective as we would have liked in terms of stimulating her appetite. We would have upgraded to 10.0, but were then able to secure a 40 breeder tank, and so went then had the option of using a MVB instead (which we went for, and under which she is thriving well--highly recommend for future).

As to the hood, I can't say for sure. I suppose it would just depend on if it takes the bulb or not. If memory serves, the ReptiSun 10.0 is a T-8.

Best of luck!

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