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Okay....I need a life. I go to the grocery store and I end up down the reptile aisle (aka the reptile store). I run to Lowes and I end up looking at beardies (reptile store). What is wrong with me?! I have decided not to buy any more beardies. However, I am fascinated with every beardie that I see at t, I am open to reptiles, heck anything new (to me).

Have you gone through this phase? When does it stop?

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Trying to finish setting up my beardie tank. Just gotta connect it to the power.
Okay lol so as I was told my baby was a boy when I rescued him hehe well I took him to my vet and was advised he is a she ! I was thinking of renaming her to Virgo from Toothless any suggestions for names 😊🥰
I am new and looking for a teen beardie. I have been doing a lot of research for about 2 years.
I'm new here but not new to dragons or snakes. Over the 7 years. I opened my heart and home to neglected. unwanted dras and snakes, some critical conditions. Then nursing them back to health and their final family home. I regularly help my reptiles vet with emergency appointments and I also provide the care in my little quenteen,
My breadie dragon have clear like mucus surrounding his eyeball what is it how do I treat it he’s having trouble opening and closing eye

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