Reptile stores - The good the bad & the ugly!

Hey everyone! :blob8:

I got my baby beardie Kaiba about a week ago, I'm an animal lover so I know a lot of pet shops and mostly they all have reptile sections. But okay here's what me was thinking :wink: let's all post where we go for supplies or places we know have good quality products and take care of their animals - also give a heads up on places that we don't like cause of high prices or bad care. that way we all learn about more places and also we can support or avoid places that either deserve our support or not.

I live on the east rand so here's some places I know of:

The Reptile Lounge at Birds and Pets for Africa. High Road, Pomona. Marcell, 082 607 5031
I got my baby from him and am very happy - Kaiba is a healthy and happy little beardie

Repti Direct. 233 High Road, Pomona. Brett van Wyk, [email protected], 083 376 0554.
Yeah they are in the same road - tough competition

Loolilocks Koi Farm. Plot 234 Trichardt Rd Boksburg. 011 918 2262
They have a reasonably large selection, bit expensive tho

Exotic Aquariums and Pets. cnr Cason & Trichardt Rd Boksburg. 011 892 4785/5058, http://[email protected]
Awesome place - and they take great care of their animals. Definitely worth a visit!

PS this is a South African forum so let us know of places countrywide - not just restricted to JHB or so on.


If you around KZN you can go to 2 good places:
1. Northlands pets (springfield park) (031)263 2767
2. Creatures & critters(Hillcrest) (031)765 6338

scotty durbz :D


I live in Rustenburg and havent had any good experiences with any of our 5 petshops. They rarely stock any mealworms or pinkies, and in addition ive been searching for a UVB fluorescent light for my dragon-daughter Dominic for 2 months now, to no avail. (they stock 2.0 15w bulbs but im searching for 8.0 or 10.0)
I finally tracked down a petshop at Hartebeespoortdam, but when i phoned to ask if they received their stock as promised, they didnt get a thing.

So now my baby is living in daily natural sunlight, luckily with a heatpad to warm the vivarium (please note i siliconed the heatpad between two tiles to keep her from digging it open and possibly "tearing" the foil).

Also note Orange Grove Garden Centre and Petshop on the old JHB road 15min out of RTB, is rather expensive - and the employees know less about your reptile and it's products than you do. :evil:


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My fiancee and I have recently gotten another beardie and a chameleon and so started hunting around for better prices. :wink:

We found this guy: Jason Demaine @ Reptiles & Crickets
Tel: (011) 915 0847
Tel / Fax: 011 915 0846
Cell: 076 825 3346

He has great prices and sells wholesale to the public as well as to pet stores. We are super impressed with the quality of his products - his cricks last twice as long as we're used to, no buying dead crickets anymore! :blob5: They are based in Brakpan/Boksburg.

I would strongly recommend them!

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