Reptile Rescue Train

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icreated3":660f2 said:
Hi, Looks great! You did a great job, however, you need to move me to the south a ways. I am below Janesville, closer to IL.

Hi Amy,

Thanks. Check it now and see if its better. :mrgreen:
that's a great map, will make it easier to figure out who to contact if we need to put this to use! oh I forgot to mention I have a station wagon and an S10 so I can move a viv (or two) if needed


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Okay...I'm in Northern NY and could cover anything North of Thruway 90 (runs Buffalo - Albany)...up to Canada to the eastern border of NY in that area. Possibly south of the Thruway if the need is there. :)

Of course even better maybe one day I'll be a RECIPIENT of one of the dragons who needs a family to either nurse him/her back to health or just a place to lay its head.



Hey western us here!!! I live in washington state and can travel some, I own a van and would be happy to help out, always looking for a nice weekend trip! :D

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Wow, that map is really great! Thanks for doing that - it makes it so much easier to see where everyone is. The eastern half of the US is pretty well covered - that's awesome! Now come on, west coasters... they're making us look bad! :D

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The map is great! Thanks so much for creating it.
You forgot me too. I'm at the beginning of the NJ shoreline, on the border of Middlesex and Monmouth Counties.


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Just to get specific about where I am located (compared to where I'm willing to drive. LOL)...the 1000 Islands (Watertown NY area).



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This is a great idea, count me in. I'm in Atlanta, GA.
My parents live in Savannah, GA. and I take trips down there usually once a month.
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