Reptaid/critical care type food for leopard gecko?

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Sadly, my 18 year old leopard gecko has not been very interested in his food the last couple months, and he is starting to lose some weight. I've already talked to my vet about it, and it sounds like he is just slowing down at this point. I know there are several brand/variations of critical care, reptaid, etc... Can anyone recommend one to me? I'd like to get more nutrients into him if I can. I've bumped up his temps a little and started soaking him more often, so hopefully he might be tempted to eat a little more soon. :(

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I have heard of gecko owners making insect paste/slurry for poorly feeding leos. Oxbow also makes a carnivore therapy food. I think the reptaid and such are more "herbal remedies" or electrolyte/probiotics. They may have an appetite boosting effect or be a calorie boost (never used them) but I'm not sure they are nutritional support. I'd ask your vet what they recommend, or at least recommended avoiding.

What a long lived gecko, I am very happy for him! I hope he still has more healthy years to go with you.
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