Renting a house with dragons?

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I rent a room in a shared house with friends - my friends got permission for their ferrets but i didn't ask about my snake, BD or fish. If the landlord was to come round i'd just hide the reptiles (the fish are now gone). The landlord only ever comes round to occasionally get his mail once every few months and to do an inspection just before we renew our contract. Since we are legally tenants we have the right of privacy in our own home. According to our contract the landlord must give us prior notice if he wants to do an inspection (24hrs i think). Otherwise we're allowed to refuse him because to turn up unannounced to look round our home is an invasion of privacy. You do have the right to request things to be added to a contract like 12hrs notice before an inspection etc, especially if you're going to be a long term tenant. That way if you find something thats perfect but wont allow your BD's you can still take it and hide them on inspection day :D


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I kinda sorta just bought Sasha without even thinking about it (I have three cat's that are allowed). The landlord did comment when she saw him but didn't say too much. Although there was one accident where crickets escaped and the neighbors were complaining about finding them in the halls (oops :oops: ). I just told her they weren't for me but I grabbed them for someone else (true story), and she told me not to do it again. Other then that, smooth sailing ( I hide the crickets when she comes over :? )
i am in an apartment, with a no pet policy though i have a mini zoo, they landlords know about it and so do the tenants and everyone just kinda looks the other way, i did have some crickets escape too but usually my cats will get them also the weekend they complained to me about the crickets was the same reason they left all the doors to the outside open for hours and we live right behind a mini forest thing and these were much bigger then mine, They just dont know that i have 1000 crickets at a time other then that the landlord knows


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During the process of property valuation, it is better to prepare a short document summarizing aspects of the property to give to the valuer, before the inspection. You can bring to their attention key features, like proximity to schools, transport, size of land, wiring, etc.
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