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Hi All,
This is actually a re-introduction for me and "Henry's" story (will likely be changing his name). I lost my dear Darwin Dec 31st 2016 at 2 months, just shy of 12 years old. I'd had him since 3 months out of his egg. His story was long and tough at times (one of two surviving a clutch). I am sure he was the oldest translucent on the planet.
I was going to get another, but not until I move in the fall. But as we all know, sometimes our animals find us. I live in RI and there has been an unfortunate abundance of animal abuse cases this winter, one included 40+ dogs 20+ cats a beardie and a mouse rescued by a local animal control/shelter.

I called to inquire when this first happened about 6-8 weeks ago. Not really in the position to get one right now as I am having hand surgery March 1st but I don't want him to end up in uneducated hands. He is finally adoptable and I went to meet him last week. Beautiful, healthy young(?) adult, good eater, alert. Waiting for approval on my app and will be getting him any day. Really wanted to get a baby, but this guy needs a good home and I know I can provide this for him. He will be seeing my vet for a fecal and a wellness check.

I have a few refresher questions so you'll see a post or two from me. I will post a picture once he's settled in :)

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That's a great run for your Darwin. I hope my Darwin gets to live that long. I'm glad you are able to provide a happy home for a dragon in need. So many of them wind up neglected it makes a big difference to be able to help even one who is in rough shape. I look forward to hearing about his progress and please do feel free to ask any questions you'd like.


You sound like a wonderful beardie parent! I hope my baby loves at least that long.

Do you have any pictures of Henry? I'm so glad he's finally ending up in good hands. Thank you for helping him! Please make another post when you have him. :)


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Thanks everyone. I am picking him up today so will certainly be posting pics over the next couple days!
I was on the board of a reptile rescue in NH and much of what we did was education for those who bought "the cute little _____ (dragon, chameleon, etc.) at a pet store and ended up with poor care instructions so I am glad that he found his way to me!

Stay tuned....


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Finally getting around to posting a few pics of my boy. Named him Eleye because he has really neat light color eyes. You'll see his eyes are sort of "frog like." I have never seen this in a beardie before. Darwin was so streamlined.

Eleye has really nice color and pattern. It's possible the house that was raided (puppies and kitties) may have been breeding him. Will never know. Here he is!

eating his favorite

getting ready for bed. The "gray" on his back looks almost lavender at times

showing the red in his beard!
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