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Rehoming male beardie California

Hello! I have a 6 years old bearded dragon. He's been with me since he was a baby. My job will require me to travel most of the time (starting next year) and I will not be able to give him proper care. He has health problems. Back in March he started having a weaker leg and was wobbly when walking. The vet did blood work and phosphorus was low (1.5), but everything else was perfect, even calcium. They did a stool test and came back perfect. He's never had worms, he was just tested for Adenovirus (negative), but now he is struggling to even walk. It seems like he cannot use his tail, even though he can feel it and moves it when I touch it - he cannot turn around, almost like his back legs and tail are stuck. In September he had injectable antibiotics and he is still the same. He has appetite, he's almost 600 grams. He seems to be able to poop only when he's given a bath, that's why I give him baths every day or every other day. Both vets that he's seen this year are out of ideas on what I could do further for his health. I moved his 10.0 uvb light 6 inches away from him(it was mounted inside before too but a little higher) for a few months now and I'm hoping it'll make make difference. He has a Carolina custom enclosure 4x2x2 and he's used to a lot of space. I'd love for him to go with someone that is knowledgeable and knows how to care for a beardie with special needs. I have no family in US, otherwise he would probably be with my mom. He is the calmest beardie, loves kisses and his beard turns white when held and kissed. I can drop him off even if it's a few hours drive, if it means he'll be in a good home.
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