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Hello everyone! I am a new user on here :)
I have a fully grown female beardie who I feel as though I can no longer adequately take care of. My job requires me to be gone for long periods of time throughout the week and when I’m not working, I have plans. I was curious about what the rehoming process looked like and how one would approach it. I love my beardie so much and she’s the sweetest lil thing but I want to make sure she’s properly taken care of. She was given to me by my neighbors who were moving and needed a new home for her. I’ve probably had her a little over a month, but when I got her, I was at a different job where I was home more often. I’m also a little strapped for cash at the moment and it’s all just becoming stressful for me.
Anything will help, thank you :)

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I'm sorry to hear you need to find a new home for your dragon. Usually, the best thing to do is to inquire locally with people you know. You can also post in the For Free section here to gain some visibility. Note where you're located so that people nearby can respond. When you do get people to respond, speak with them to ask about their knowledge and experience and try to get a feel for what type of environment they'll be bringing the dragon into. It's best to settle them with experienced caregivers and to avoid working with people who show signs of abuse or intentions to "flip" the dragon for a profit. A lot of that is driven by gut feeling, but ask lots of questions when interacting with a potential adopting family.

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