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So this is a discussion/question; my beardie Puff is 8 years old and had follicular stasis back in May 2023 with a successful spay. Come mid summer I notice that she’s not gaining any weight and has become aggressive with food so I bring her in again, lo and behold her ovaries are regrowing and appear to have some follicles. I schedule the 2nd spay for September and while she is under I get the phone call that their ventilator is busted and they need to wake her up, thankfully this all happened before she was cut into. So with the surgery needing to be rescheduled they booked us again for October 17th…my wedding is October 14th and I had to reschedule my honeymoon due to faulty machinery :( in the meantime what signs should I look out for in case I need to bring her in sooner? The vet has her on fortaz (antibiotic) until her surgery date. I’m really hoping that the stars align and she has no issues until then but I’m trying to be as best prepared as I can and still keep the wedding on track

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Wow, so sorry that happened to your girl. I have heard of this happening unfortunately. They
obviously didn't remove all of the ovaries because they grew back. They can redevelop if some
was left in.
I'm glad they hadn't started the surgery yet if the ventilator wasn't working correctly! At years,
she should be able to come through another surgery without any problems. Perhaps they should
do a hysterectomy to be sure they remove everything so it doesn't happen again.
Talk about timing, right in the middle of your wedding plans, etc. I guess she wants more attention!
Just keep her well hydrated since she is on antibiotics right now. She is eating alot right now?

Let us know how she is doing.

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Can you post some pics of your girl ? When you say aggressive with food do you mean she's very hungry ? Be sure to feed her well and keep up with calcium supplements.
Why is she on fortaz for 3 weeks ? I'd be nervous about this vet , the spay was not successful and currently they have vital equipment that is malfunctioning. Maybe you should get a refund and look for another vet.

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Please do keep us posted on her condition. I agree with
AHBD, I am nervous about you taking her back to the same
vet if they didn't do the surgery correctly in the first place.


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