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Go through your lighting and make sure every is correct.
Any changes to his habitat or the room he is in?
Any other new pets or others stressers?
Make sure his basking is 105ish also make sure his uvb is the correct distance.
Make sure he is hydrated as well. Drip some water on his nose and see if he will drink. I personally use an eye dropper, but you have to be careful not to aspirate them.

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My Loki is 3 months old and is now refusing to eat anything, any tips on how I can convince him to eat?
As the other poster posted the UVB and correct surface basking temps are crucial to the dragon -- they will go thru relocation stress but he should be eating something
NO coils for UVB please
surface basking temps need to be taken w/ a digital probe thermometer - NO stick ons please they are inaccurate for that - NO colored bulbs or off white basking bulbs or yellowish bulbs - they need to be a solid clear bright white bulb - if you need help please ask

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