Red spots, don't think they are mites

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Can someone slightly more experienced please put my mind at rest here.
Today I was asked if I could take on a 5 year old beardy as the owner could no longer look after him. I obviously didn't refuse so now have a new pet ? I'm fairly experienced in snakes, but beardys are new to me.
Anyhow, he arrived and is absolutely lovely, very friendly, however he has a few red spots on him. Most cover more than one scale, which is why I don't think they are mites, but can someone confirm or clarify please? There is one one his nose, and two below his eye. He also has a couple on his back, and one on his hind leg, but these are the darkest so make the best picture. Other than that, he seems in good health, is alert and scuttled around happily. I've completely disinfected his entire cage (it wasn't the cleanest!) And everything in it. I've also removed his large log, just in case it is mites, and that's soaking now.
Thanks in advance!
Hi there! Cute fella! He looks healthy from the pictures you posted based off of his coloration and eye condition (no cloudieness or sunken eyes) I don’t think they are mites either, mites are usually VERY small little “dots” the can cover your dragon but they are usually much smaller than that. What I’m thinking is the previous owner would feed him live insects and when he was full he would obviously stop eating them just as any other dragon. The problem is, live insects can bite and harm your dragon. It is crucial that when you feed him you pay attention to how many live insects you are giving him because what he doesn’t eat can and will harm him. This can cause cuts, bumps, stress and even in more serious cases infection/potential death. I would personally take him to a veterinarian for further and professional inspection but it seems to me that this could be the most likely problem. Beardie are like little babies, when you feed them you MUST make sure that you take out what they don’t eat as it could become harmful to their health. (Besides veggies and fruit) I noticed when I was first learning about beardiea that the live feed I would give him causes similar looking bite marks so it sounds like a pretty safe bet. Be sure to bathe your dragon to prevent any infection plus veterinarian instructions should you see one. Just always remember to dispose of recycle any live feed he does not eat. Hope this helps and he gets better!!!
P.S I just re read and noticed that he’s 5 years old!! His diet at this point should be mainly fruits and veggies. I.e mustard greens, squash, apples (mine LOVES apples) kale, collard greens, red bell peppers etc... live feed should usually only be about three times a week!!!


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Thank you! I did wonder about wounds, they aren't sore to touch though (he doesn't mind me poking and proding him, even on them) but I think you are right, a vets trip just to rule out anything serious is a good idea.
When I got him, his Viv was rather filthy, so I gave him a bath last night, and he is lovely and clean now. They did say they fed him mealies and crickets (I know mealies aren't the best for him), but I won't leave any live food in when he does get it.
Apparently his favourite is butternut squash! Thanks for all the advice ?

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Not mites ... Is it possible they are stains? Berries will.sometumes leave stains, but maybe marker depending on his previous situation?
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