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Okay, so long time poster, if many of you remember me from a while back if wish you hello but i ahve more pressing issues at hand!
If you remember Nunu- 3 years old nearly, had very bad scales which i had to keep getting removed.
There still not gone, they just keep popping up.
But the one on her tale ( which has been removed twice now)
Its grown over the past few months, I just simply couldnt afford to get it removed again, It wasnt causing her any bother, i washed it kept it clean etc
But this last month the skin has being getting tight around and causing her bother.
To top things off my Vet ( the only freaking reptile vet where i live!) has moved to London.
I spent 2 hours ringing around last night trying to find a reptile vet but the only one i could find is Holly hosue in Leeds ( a 2 hour drive from my house! )

But back to the issues, This lump is nearly 3cm tall, it looks aggressive its a build up of dead scales, But as i said it wasnt cauing any problems until this last week,

Today i cleaned out all her viv and gave her a bath but as ive come up stairs the lump is falling off!
Its pink skin underneath and i dare not touch it!
As i said i have no vet to go too! none at all!
My appointment for leeds is the 30th of June and im guessing its going to have come off by then!
Should i even try remove it? I dont even know!
And how should i keep it clean!?
Please someoen do help! it looks awful and i havnt a clue what to do!


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Update- The lump has now come off! if you want a picture of the lump i will be happy to provide it, I have wrapped her tail with some badges to ensure its kept clean,
The only thinkg i need to know is the best way to keep it clean!

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Yes, good to see you around again.
A picture would be excellent, if you do have one or two. Thanks.
How is she doing, has she been eating well?



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Hi there! yes i have the one! the wound is very clean underneath, no puss or blood... Im not sure if she knocked it on something?
She is still eating fantastically, still a piggy. i fed her this morning and everything seems fine.
As soon as the lump came off she did a massive poop on her basking spot.
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