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Today is our one-week anniversary of my getting my little beardie, Ichi. He's 3 months old.

He doesn't run and hide from me anymore, and I give him water from a syringe every day. I can move stuff around in his tank and he watches. I can drop food for him from tongs (he attempted to eat from my tongs just once, but completely missed lol), and when I give him food in his bowl, he pounces onto the bowl all eager to eat! But he's nervous when I get TOO close, y'know? If I'm not holding the water-syringe, he leans away, takes a step back, and stares at my hand. I was told by the breeder that he was handled every other day during tank cleans, so I think there's a foundation to work with. Just, since this my first beardie, I dunno how to build it from here. The idea of picking him up makes me a wee bit nervous, to be honest, as I feel that'll make him bolt and I don't want to ruin what trust we have now.

What is the best approach to start the taming process for this little baby?

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Hiccup he is 5 and Blaze is 4
Hand feeding -- hold the worm like a BSFL or a small super worm or butter worm - something that will get his attention -- put a piece of clothing or fleece blanket in his hide so he gets used to your smell - approach from the side not over head he will think your a predator -- your hands in his tank as much as you can and it sounds like your already doing that --


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He let me pet his beard! I was giving him water and when he moved his head away (his signal that he's done drinking), I took the chance and touched his beard to wipe off a droplet of water. It's the first time I've touched him since I got him! I only touched him for a few seconds before I backed off and let him get ready for bed.

I'm so happy! I hope tomorrow to be able to pet him more and maybe even pick him up!
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