Rant about Rep Show(NEW PICS) COME LOOK !!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay heres some pics Lola is looking a lttle better and well My camera is bad because the good one needed cahrged so Babys pic is not vey good but here is some pics and Baby has grown alot :blob8:


This is the Baby

Lola :blob8:

Lola with Her Bear Does She look 3 years old to You ???

Sweetheart Lola what a sweety :D


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but glad you took them in and are trying to give them a better life. lola looks real happy and im sure the little one will do fine.


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bambichik39":2ija2vle said:
Can you get a body shot of lola? Its hard to judge her size to see if she looks good for a 3 yo
The second pic is of Lola sorry if I didn't post that clear enough (only 2nd time trying to post pics ) But yes the second picture is of Lola is that a good body shot ? I will try and get one this week of Her long ways and I will measure and weigh Her .Thank You very much :)


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My Two Rescue Beardie's s length and weight .For one I am really concerned about the Baby She seems so little and just not growing everything is perfect because I did what everyone on here told Me and studied and read and read on and on .She eats but She is just so small Here is Her sizes ....
She is around and not sure because of the people She was rescued from was really bad but She is around 8 1/2 weeks old now length 5 1/2 long exactly and weight 6 grams ????? What is Your opinion and PLEASE ANY SUGGEST WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED

Okay the other rescue Lola is a Adult She is around 3 years old the people She again came from but They did not know for sure because They had Her around 10 mths and They just figured She was around 3 Years old( real bad situation) Anyway,She has gained alot in the 2 weeks that I have had Her but Can You give Me Your Opinion again on if She is under weight and any suggestions here is Her sizes
Length 19 and a little over and I measured 3 times to make sure .Weight 350 grams ??? Doe's This sound about right for a 3 yr old or do You think She may be younger ? Please all Opinions and suggestions are of importance here They are Rescue's and need everyone's help not just mine so if There is someone out there that breeds or is more knowledgeable in this area please help.THANK YOU VERY MUCH
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