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Hi! I got my Rankins at the end of May of this year, and he shed within the first week or two, but it didn’t seem as dramatic and there was still lots of shed around the tank but not a ton and I didn’t see a dramatic change in colour.

He’s just began shedding again and I’m worried that the irregular shedding is due to something else like Yellow Fungus or something. His colouring has also been all over the place so I’m just constantly stressed. He’s been super jumpy this time around and skittish and has been in his water bowl lots and trying to stick his whole body under the water. And dragging himself on anything and will puff up his belly and beard, and jump and opening his mouth. Which I know is him trying to break shed, he just seems significantly more irritated this time around.

When Yellow fungus or anything came to mind, I called every single vet and pet hospital in my province, and not a single one can take him in earlier than 2 weeks from now.

Do the pics attached look normal to you guys? Is it possible he didn’t complete the shed a couple months ago? His shed colour okay? And his after colour and such?

Male (16 months approx.)
Woke up from an interrupted, short brumation a few weeks ago.
Was just cleared last week from Pinworms and Coccidia after a month of medication.


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The behavior and pattern sounds similar to my Rocky. At first there was a slight shed here and there but the behavior was outrageous. Rocky was skittish, his eating was off etc but then a couple of weeks later, there was a major shed and the behavior was better. Oh, and Rocky ate like normal. Each beardie/rankin may respond differently because it's an uncomfortable time for them. With my limited knowledge, everything seems okay. You're doing great. It's just odd behavior, I know - especially when everything is running smoothly but if your Rankin is like Rocky, they'll rub against everything to hasten the process. They'll be back to normal in no time. I was for sure that I would be weirded out by the process but I didn't have time. Every time I walked in the room, another portion was off and it was over before I knew it! If you click on my posts, you'll see a picture of Rocky in shed somewhere. Remember, a healthy shed is a good thing....it means your Rankin is growing!
I would be mindful if they want to be held during that time...follow their lead. They may want to use you as a scratching post or the sight of you may make them ill (not literally) :ROFLMAO: Good Luck!

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