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Shannon, yah, Anne McCaffrey wrote the Pern novels with thread that fell and the dragons and their riders who fought it off with fire before it hit the ground. My username is from that series. I'm a huge fan.

So much Rankins activity.. And other cuties besides. So much to look at!!!

I love the idea of Draco chasing nails. That made me giggle.


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how do i add a picture? I've got some nice ones ready

One is dark and the other is slightly lighter but i think they are both on the darker side of things.

My mistake, the basking lamp and the UVB lamp are both on the same circuit so should the temp get too hot, both would cut out to avoid having cooked rankins! I don't think this would ever happen as I live in london... not the warmest of places! Think it's a good safety mechanism, although may never be used (fingers crossed)

I'm really excited about seeing them grow, although they are really cute small i'm worried in case i harm them, they seem so fragile!


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*Reads thread*- *sees pics*- *dies* :love5: Ther're so cute! J'aime Pern! (French for "I love Pern!") Has anybody read the Fablehaven series by Brandon Mull? Specifically the fourth book? I'm thinking that if I get another lizard (rankins probably or a gecko) I will name him/her Raxtus. I petsit for a friend who has chickens, ducks, rabbits, a parakeet, and a cockatiel (oh, and a red eared slider). That is how vacations will be introduced to the animal lovers! Petsitters! :laughing6: But seriously- I LOVE your rankins!


Re: the rankins dragon colors. I was told that the only true to natural color is the dark gray/green, and the reason there are so few rankins in the USA in the pet trade is that because Australia put the ban on exports relatively quickly after they were identified, and most of the stock in the USA is from the original few pairs that were smuggled into the USA. In the 80s, these Rankins were interbred with small beardies to try to strenghten the genetics, and then bred back to the Rankins, which is why you sometimes see lighter rankins in the pet trade, or lighter rankins with shades of red, orange or yellow. A majority of the rankins in the pet trade are still more rankins than beardies, but there are some muddy genetics 5-10 generations back which accounts for some of the color variations you see in captivity that don't appear in the wild.

There is a lot of hubbub amongst breeders of what constitutes a true rankins, and what is a vittikins, since pretty much all the breeding stock available is muddy... In my opinion if it has the tie pattern, no beard, and stays small its a rankins :)


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I heard on one of the arguments on the FaunaClassifieds BOI that generally it is a Rankins and not a Vittikins if the bloodline is all Rankins dragons for about 5 generations back. Again, just hearsay. :D

By the way...
AGAIN- YOUR RANKINS ARE LIKE SOMEONE COMBINED THE POWERS OF CONCENTRATED CUTENESS (just a drop kills :D), NEVERLAND, AND BEARDIES. *tries to reach through screen-fails-cries at cuteness!* (Seriously. They're like beardies on cuteroids.)


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I can sure agree, they are just the cutest little things & the pics of them all together are just priceless. I sure enjoy seeing pics & hearing about them, Shannon, you've done a great job with them considering there isn't alot of info of how to raise them, temps, etc.


The fauna classifieds boi can be pretty vicious! It makes me a little scared, since I intend to breed my Rankins....

I get my female as soon as this heat wave is over... Can't wait. Will post tracking details!


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Thanks, everyone, for all the 'cuteness' comments. I think they are adorable, I think all reptiles are adorable. LOL. I think all the Rankins in this thread look very similar in stature and condition, which is nice to see. I think we are all doing the best we can with the information at hand. I am glad we are on here together sharing information. This forum is essential to dragon keepers.

...so when will the heat wave be over so you can get your dragon? We had Sonora overnighted via UPS and she was an overnight by noon, and she arrived in Florida safe and sound. She did arrive while the tropical storm was brewing and we had a very cloudy sky and one of the mildest days yet, a cool crisp...80 degrees. :p


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Menolly07":ir9mp021 said:
SpitFyre":ir9mp021 said:
Arrgh. Humid and hot. Bleugh. :p

ALWAYS. This is why I made sure my marriage led me to an air conditioned state.

LOL - too funny. You always make me laugh!!!!!!!!

Sahara looks fat and we can't figure out if she is just a PIG or pregnant. How do you feel for eggs in a teeny belly???? Argh! :blob5: I think she is just fat...
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