Rango at the river


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Rango at the river

I went camping. I didn't have anyone to keep Rango so I take her with me. Now I have a small tank with all the heat bulbs and everything. So she wasn't just roaming around with no heat. But like I do everyday I took her out and and put her in the river sand. She walked around her a minute and found a spot and laid down and began to dig. Do all bearded dragon do this?


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If not all most will, especially females, but makes dig as well. It's fun enrichment for them.
But this poor thing I felt so bad, she sat there for 2 hours doing this. I thought it was what shes going to do in her dig box or whatever. But after 2 hours I couldn't help but notice she would dig for a few seconds and then stop and take long deep breaths and u can tell Rango was exhausted. I finally picked her up and washed the dirt out of her eyes and she never went back to that whole


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I'm guessing just something new, so once she had done her thing it's on to the next lol 😆. When they are not stressed or scared beardies are pretty inquisitive little creatures.


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From domesticated to her original roots (ugh- at the end of the day, their animals and they know best)- says the person who would totally be in the hole with a flashlight and screaming!

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