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Hi guys. This is going to be graphic but I want to understand what happened to Radar.

9yr old sunburst male, spunky and moody and huge.

Yesterday was normal feeding, two Dubai roaches XL, and then scattered spinach. Roaches were dusted in calcium. This is what the vet recommended we feed him, switching up veggies and fruits, since he was 3 years old. Stools normal, no strain, no attitude change or lethargy.

Got home from work today, and he was extremely bloated, had lost all of his color and his beard was all black, as well as his stomach. His mouth was open and he was panting. Got him out, started lightly massaging his stomached thinking he was impacted or something while quickly googling. Put him in the bathtub since that always relaxes him, and he started alligator rolling and gagging. He regurgitated a lot of blood and at this point I was hysterically crying and my husband stepped in for me while I dissolved into a puddle on the floor. He ended up regurgitating what he believes to be his organs and he passed away while being loved on and kept comfortable as much as possible.

I have been googling my heart out and my vet does not open until 10am tomorrow so I can run the questions by her. What do you guys think? If I’ve missed any vital information please ask and I will update. He was a very special guy, we’ve been through a lot together. Thank you for reading.


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I'm so sorry to hear about this very sad ending. There's no way to say what happened, Radar may have had a tumor or a large cyst that burst, because of the suddenness of the event. Again, I'm very sorry for your loss.


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I lost 1 of my dragons in April, kindda same story. She was great when i went to work and dying when i got home.no warning. My heart goes out to you, its every bit as bad as losing a human friend. Dont let it turn you off to getting another dragon. Just do your best to get one from a reputable breeder. Pet store dragons dont seem to thrive as well. Its worth the extra couple hundred bucks for the extra time you'll get with them

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