R.I.P to my baby :(

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Last night my bearded dragon Ozzy, passed away.I wasn't sure why, as he had recently had a change in breathing, i didn't think much of it, because it could mean many things, he did have MBD from his previous owner, soon afterwards i noticed he was not wanting to eat veggies only bugs, i thought it was just because i had been feeding him more bugs than veggies, so again i didn't think anything of it, Last night i tried to feed him mealworms and he wouldn't eat them, because he was so skinny from his other owner, i decided to force feed him because he also need calcium and water.I got back from a trip to the store, and i went to go pick him up and he was dead :( and i noticed he didn't digest his food and instead he pooped just mealworms. I recently asked a member on here for help, because he was having runny poops for over a month, she suggested it could be stress, his lighting, or parasites. I got him a new tank, new lights and a new thermometer.I also noticed when i picked him up, that his beard was black on the sides. Can somebody please tell me why a healhy bearded dragon would die so sudden and unexpectedly? And what could i have done wrong??


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Somebody pls tell me what could have happened. I feel terrible about this and i cant get it of my mind


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Its so sad! Maybe ur BD developed something that would just randomly kill it!!! :( :( :(
I'm very sorry to hear that the BD is dead and it just makes no sense, maybe the digestive system stopped working which probably caused it to poo worms which is a coincidence...

Pray to the lord and maybe you will see him/ her again :cry:


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That is sad news. Its hard to say for sure what caused his death without having a necropsy done. They tend to hide underlying illness by design as a protection in the wild. It's possible that something like cancer or organ failure was proceeding but he was hiding the symptoms until the end. I'm glad you were able to make the end of his life better and gave him a happy home with good care. That means a lot and I'm sure he appreciated it.

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