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This section needs livening up!!!!

Any South Africans lurking about?

Share some pics, stories, news!!! Anything! :D


Hi all.

I'm a fellow beardie owner! I have 3 beardies. Two 6 month old males( Hef and Max) and one female of 5 months (Thor), we didn't know she was a female. Lol. I'm using my fone at the moment, so cannot upload pics of them as yet! Will when I get a chance!

Just thought I would introduce myself and my beardies! We from joburg!

Cheers. ;-)


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Hi all!
I too am from Jozi! :) And have a 3 year old male, who happens to be the fussiest BD on the planet im sure! I had a female (same age, same litter(?) do you call it a litter?)
Anyway, she passed away but was not fussy about anything, she would eat whatever your dropped infront of her or whatever she found. My boy is a completly different kettle of dish - only eats silkworms...... :banghead:
I have to mash up meal worms for him to get some protien into his system - good thing he doesnt need much :)

My family think i'm crazy coz I treat him like a baby sometimes, and miss him when i'm not at home :)

Thats me!!

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