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During the daytime I've been using a t5 HO reptisun 12 in from the basking spot and a 75watt zoo med basking bulb. I'm having to dim the 75 watt basking bulb a lot to get the right temps so I'm worried the tank isn't bright enough. I've never tried just using a regular household bulb/flood light before as a basking bulb so I just wanted to check- would this type of bulb be sufficient at providing enough full spectrum lighting/UVA as a basking bulb? https://www.amazon.com/65BR30-Reflector-Incandescent-Medium-Indoor/dp/B01CPNCF8O/ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=frosted+white+house+light&qid=1626450780&sr=8-8
Or if anyone has any suggestions for basking bulbs they like that are a lower wattage that provide a lot of light that would be useful. Thanks!


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A BR30 incandescent should work. You may need to try a few different wattages though, and see which one works best. This part does take some trial and error. You're on the right track though, reducing the wattage if your bulb is dimming too much. Are you able to raise the bulb up higher? Or is it attached to a solid top? Raising the bulb up can help with this too, if you're able to. A BR30 or BR40 incandescent or halogen should do. PAR38 halogen should work as well. It's just a matter of finding the brand and wattage that works best in your enclosure.

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