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How do you work out giving your dragons enough attention when you have multiple dragons? Do you let them out together? I know you don't house them together, but I want to make sure everybody gets what they need.


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We have 2. I technically take care of all their needs. But when it comes to attention, Bane is primarily my husbands and Astarte is mine. Our dragons prefer it that way as well. They know whose babies they are and they act up when the other takes them. We sometimes get them out at the same time, but they are both female, and barely even take notice of each other except if they're not the one being fed first. When it's just me here, I rarely get them out at the same time. Bane very much likes to run around and get into things she's not supposed to, Astarte is more interested in laying on the top of my head, the back of my neck (parallel to my neck), or my back. When they both conspire to do their thing at the same time, ACK! Picture me hunched over with a dragon on my back just out of my reach and chasing around a fast lizard around my apartment who likes to stop periodically to taunt me all while trying not to knock my other lizard off balance.


I have multiple and I have a schedule where each is out at a certain time for x amount (have to put dogs up first, as I just simply do not trust them). For me, the schedule is key. Between feeding, bathing, affection without a schedule, i'd go crazy


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hi there... I'm what my family refers to as a control freak, i plan everything months in advanced and make sure it can always work lol, espicially when it comes to my animals. now with that being said, when i got my first baby he was on a schedule simular to this:
Phoenix: put veggies in (5:00a- i leave for work after that)
Lights on at 730a
i get home at 530-6p he would get a 15 min bath and food
lights out at 830p

i would of course alternate days where sometimes he would get playtime as opposed to a bath

now that i have 2 of them and my time has been shortened it works something like this:
veggies are in by 5a
lights on at 730
and when its phoenix's bath night its juuji's play time. so put phoenix in bath for 15 mins, juuji play for 15mins (both are in the bathroom with me but cnat see eachother) this way i can pay attention to the one in the bath and the one playing on the floor
both are fed about 6-630
lights out at 830p

now my weekends are a bit more relaxed of course, on saturday tehy both get a good long bath (usually start about 9a)
then once one has had a bath i let him/her warm up for a while and i make salads
then around noon one comes out ot play for about an hour and goes back and then the other

if i get off schedule the only thing that happens is food time becuase i want to make sure eveyrone has 2 hours + to digest that food. so sometimes baths are pushed off until the end of hte week and sometimes play time is too unforutnalty, but you figure it out as you go...


why wouldnt you house them together?I have 4 and they are all together. i just got two and i had the other two for a few months now. they love each other, the smaller one sits on the larger one. I know you dont put them together with significant size difference but ive never heard of not having them together at all. As for spending time with them, well they all get held at different parts of the day. the youngest one is the worst because she is a little brat and likes everything her way so if she doesnt want to be held she will either hide under her log or just bite and tail whip me


Beardies are solitary animals and housing them together can lead to injuries, toe or tail nips, bites to the head, and even death.


weird, i never heard of that. my brothers had his for a couple of years and they have never shown agression towards each other and neither have mine.


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HerpyMom":36d13gyy said:
weird, i never heard of that. my brothers had his for a couple of years and they have never shown agression towards each other and neither have mine.

Its everywhere over the site, some of the pictures are awful..

But my two girls hate each other, and wont come and play down stairs,
When Nu was down stairs, she got alot more attention that tiny, purely because she was in our main room while my room was been decorated,
Now that there both upstairs, ill get tiny out and then go and get Nu later on..
They both have the same, Just got t take it in turns :D


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I agree, I have 7 and none of them will tolerate being near the others...Mine each get a bath every other day and snuggle time as well!


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I really am confused. I have read from multiple sources multiple answers.
A lot of people say if you house dragons together that they will be fine if they are the same size and at a younger age.
I spoke with a breeder from Dragons Den and really like what he had to say. He said they o best in pairs in his experience.
Im way confused i was wanting to get dex a roommate and now im confused So whats the REAL answer. Who has multiples from a young age that have done fine and who has them that havent.Are the rumors true Dragons are fine in pairs if they grow up together? PLease Help the Dragons are ready in a few weeks


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Dragons that can live together peacefully are the exception not the rule. There are owners on this site who have dragons with missing limbs, and some have even died from it. Even if they get along for a while, they can really turn on each other at any time in the blink of an eye. They're not mammals, or pack animals. They don't bond with each other. They see each other as competition, at best they tolerate each other's presence. it's just not worth the risk. Even if they do get along, there is constant stress from it. The submissive doesn't get enough heat, food and uv and is under constant fear of attack. The dominant has to protect it's territory and position which requires them to be on guard 24/7. And stress can be very detrimental to their health.


I have an older dragon and a younger dragon and I have never had a problem. Both are getting proper food and lighting, and attention. I have had them together for 4 or 5 months and have had no problems. i will agree that this may not be the norm. When I got my first dragon he was very small and was in a small cage at the pet store. the other dragon was smaller and was also very agressive. My dragon was missing the end of his tail but I do not know if that was done by the other dragon or by something else. When I got the 2 rescues, the youngest one "waved and that was all from him. The two males head bobbed and that was it. I havent seen any other interaction between them. I think you should get DEx a room mate but have a spare cage just in case, If dex is a male i would get a female of the same size. but that is my opinion, i am not an expert


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You are extremely lucky, we've have a few ER posts in the last few months of the larger dragon EATING the smaller one. She was RIGHT THERE when it happened, and wasn't able to stop it.

And a male and female together, big no. They will eventually breed, or seriously hurt each other attempting it. They can reach puberty as young as 9 months old, and the complications of being gravid at such a young age could be potentially fatal to the female. it's like a 10 yr old girl being pregnant. The male would constantly try and breed her and the stress can have serious consequences. Not to mention if they do successfully breed, you could end up with 100+ mouths to house and feed.

The first sign of aggression very well could be very serious and result in dismemberment or death. It is cheaper and easier and healthier for the animals to just house them separately from the start.
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