question about snake bones and vertebrae

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I had an incident tonight with my king snake and I am not sure if he is okay or not. I was handliing him in the living room and letting him slither around the floor when he managed to find a hole in the floor that I didn't even know exists. Anyway, he was half way in there so fast that I only could grab his other half. I tried to just hold on to him but he was pulling so hard. Meanwhile, my fiance was tearing up our living room floor so that we could get him out since we still had him. He was yelling at me to keep holding but the snake was trying so hard to pull away that I could swear I heard a crack. Finally I gave up and let him go and it was against my better judgment to hang on to him in the first place but I was under a lot of stress at the moment between him getting away and someone screaming in my ear at me not to let him go.

About 10 minutes later I found him in a completely different spot ON TOP of my python's cage. I grabbed him and checked to see if he could move fine and he did although he wasn't moving as quickly as before and it seemed like he wasn't moving his back end that I was grabbing onto as much. It could all be in my head since I thought I had heard the cracking before and I might be paranoid. He is back in his enclosure now and I'm going to take another look tomorrow because I figure if something is wrong it might take a day or so to hit him.

MY QUESTION IS if he is injured, is a broken bone something that is fatal for a snake? How would you know if it punctured an organ or if he hurt an organ as well?
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