Question about Canada immigration with pet reptiles


Background: I am planning to move to Canada with all my pet reptiles in total of 7. I knew about the CITES stuff but want to know what exact document is essential. As I asked an experienced friend who got help from an agency and it costs high for each reptile to process the professional coordination e.g. government, veterinary procedures which I may not be able to afford to take all 7 reptiles with me, I am thinking if only a few documents are needed that I can handle by myself without paying agency so I can bring all of them with me to Canada. What I know now is that no veterinary check and quarantine facility application is required to import reptile into Canada, this is also a reason making me doubt if the agency cost reasonably if only 1 document is required for Canada reptile import.

Question: is that only 1 document: CFIA import permit - Application for permit to import live animals, hatching eggs and animal germplasm (Form5860) needed to be process?

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