Question about Canada immigration with pet reptiles


Background: I am planning to move to Canada with all my pet reptiles in total of 7. I knew about the CITES stuff but want to know what exact document is essential. As I asked an experienced friend who got help from an agency and it costs high for each reptile to process the professional coordination e.g. government, veterinary procedures which I may not be able to afford to take all 7 reptiles with me, I am thinking if only a few documents are needed that I can handle by myself without paying agency so I can bring all of them with me to Canada. What I know now is that no veterinary check and quarantine facility application is required to import reptile into Canada, this is also a reason making me doubt if the agency cost reasonably if only 1 document is required for Canada reptile import.

Question: is that only 1 document: CFIA import permit - Application for permit to import live animals, hatching eggs and animal germplasm (Form5860) needed to be process?


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Form 5860 is indeed one of the crucial documents for bringing your reptiles into Canada. This form typically covers various aspects related to importing live animals, so it's an essential part of the process. While some people opt for agency assistance, handling the paperwork yourself can be a cost-effective alternative, especially if it's primarily about filling out forms and ensuring you meet the necessary requirements. Make sure to double-check the official guidelines from the CFIA to ensure you have all the correct documentation in place. And if you ever need any documents apostilled or authenticated for your move, you can explore this convenient service: It can simplify the process and make your relocation smoother.
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