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This is a very tough post to make, so please be kind, but I need some opinions on the quality of life of my guy. If anyone else has a Dragon with some very specific, specialized caretaking requirements, I'd appreciate some insight, if you can offer some. Or if you've had a quality of life conversation with your vet about a beardy, that would be helpful too.
I have a vet appointment today, to talk about this too, a message in with another, and I posted this same discussion on the facebook group Bearded Dragon Network, but just think that getting lots of feed back from multiple sources will help me to make the best choice possible.
Months ago, my boy, Ichigo, was having episodes that looked like seizures.
Since that time, we've had tons of vet appointments, blood work, fecals, etc. etc.
Everything has come back negative, which is good! And the seizure episodes have mostly stopped, also good! (although tests for the adenovirus didn't go through, as the sample was lost in transit/ruined before they could test. I don't remember which).
However, since these events, he's changed a lot. He still twitches occasionally, and still has a dark beard most days at some point during the day. He is effectively blind - his eyes, as far as we can tell are fine, but he doesn't respond to visual stimulus. You can wave things around, move slowly, and even touch his eyes without him reacting except to close them if you touch. He no longer basks on his own and he barely moves around his enclosure.
The episodes have mostly stopped, and although he's mostly still, he does black beard and spends time in a strange, half curled position some days, like he's tilting either the right or left half of his body up to the sky. Especially if I move him, or when I take him out of the enclosure to feed him, and put him back.
I have to hand feed him, since he can't see his food, and the hand feeding is difficult, but doable, so I don't mind it. The vet prescribed him a liquid diet that I spoon feed.
I've tried to encourage him to drink water the same way and he will occasionally drink if I give him a bath.
With all this in mind though, he doesn't really live the life of other bearded dragons. My other dragon, Mango, is extremely active, and other than an eye infection we are battling (stuck shed, just right, got some substrate dust in her eye) very healthy. So I have a constant comparison of what his life is supposed to be like.
Does anyone else have a blind dragon? Or one who is different than others? Does anyone have thoughts about the quality of life for these wonderful creatures?
Please be kind. Thanks in advance.


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Hello Rose,

I sent a PM to you as well. I am so sorry about little Ichigo, bless him. I hate to hear the outcome
is not good. Sometimes no matter what you do, their little bodies just can't recover. We are all here
for you. :cry:


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