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Hi, my fiancé and I got our beardies in April of 2022. Beeg Guy who is yellow (F) & Funny Guy who’s grey(M)

4x2x2 feet zen habitat
In inches (48x24x24)
4 or more fake plant/cactus
1 Small drift wood
1 corner hide which is also basking spot
1 tent on cool side
1 piece sandstone
1 rope bridge (I used to have it like a hammock and FG loves pooping on it after morning feeding)

-Basking spot: 103-105 F
-left side (cool side)
81-87F day time
80-85 night time
-right side (hot side) *digital thermo broke & I haven’t replaced it yet so this is rough estimate from memory*
90-100 daytime
80-85 night time
-humidity consistently at 28-33%
-3 sometimes 4 ceramic heat emitters
-Sometimes extra UVB bulb but not always, I switch it out for heat emitter some days.
-1 long UVB

I do need to replace all the bulbs as we have a variety of them from mercury vapor (not in use as it’s too hot) to 75w basking light and other UVB bulbs. We got them all last year, not sure when exactly.

We have a UV card that changes color in reaction to UV/UVB rays. It does react, but it’s not the strongest it could be.

Current Diet:
Torn up collard green pieces
Slices of butternut squash
Black soldier fly larvae (30-40 each feeding)
Occasionally meal worms —(literally I smother them in calcium powder as per my vet’s instructions)
Occasional bee pollen (been using the last few days)

BG weight 353.7g (as of 1/31/2023)
Length: 17.9in

FG weight 365.4g as of 1/31/2023)
Length: 17.5in

Bathroom Habits
FG will have a small bowel movement every morning, but sometimes he doesn’t. He can go a week with this pattern and I have no clue what it is that causes it to fall off. They both used to go every morning when we first got them. I’m not sure when it stopped.

BG: bowl movements are pretty random. I try predicting by feeding more or less greens (she hates them without pollen so I just kinda put them in her mouth after eating a bug/licking her lips) I thought they would be eating more greens as they’re transitioning to adults soon and their diet is more greens than bugs, but at this point I don’t know. Her poops go from liquid to semi solid. Photos will be attached.
Recent medical
Both BG & FG fecal samples came back as clear, multiple times.

Previous medical
They were diagnosed with coccidia a few months afterwards we got them (not sure exact dates but if needed I could find out) and began treatment. It went great. It was difficult, but they made it. We got a brand new enclosure, threw out everything from the old one, disinfected (50/50 bleach) and boiled anything we *could* end up using later.

Past few months:
Everything seemed fine but BG has been having rough tummy issues for a while now. I’m not sure how long it’s been happening but I will do my best to timestamp my photos. I will be attaching multiple different instances where there was concern. The first time we saw what appeared to be crystallized orange/reddish mucus around some of the urate, I immediately drove across town and caught our vet in between appointments. She told me it looked like it was food. I figure she’s probably right as we are feeding them butternut squash every day. It’s one of FG’s favorites. But he rarely gets this weird mucus, it’s almost always BG.

BG seems to only want worms. If I give them a large meal worms as a treat, they won’t want anything else for a few days. I manage to entice them with the black soldier ant fly larvae.

The also have some weird scale development. It’s not scale rot. Not yellow fungus. But sometimes a random single scale will start to shed (showing signs of shedding) and I wait for it, give it some moisture to help, but it doesn’t come off. I bathe them with shed ease at least once a week. Other days I use reptisafe and reptile electrolyte “salts”. I don’t measure any of them when I put them into the water because I use the bathtub. There’s measurements for small amounts of water, but I’m not going to measure the amount of water using water bottles.

I’ve looked into renal failure, as one of BG toes is kinda stiff. It doesn’t have stuck shed on it. I don’t know how their toes are meant to bend but it doesn’t seem right when it’s not moving at all. I don’t put too much pressure on it for fear of causing harm. Just a few pokes.

  1. July 15th 2022 (not sure who’s this is, vet said the pink was mucus)

  1. August 2nd 2022 (I believe this was BG but not 100%)


  1. Sep 1st 2022 BG

  1. Sep 12th 2022 BG

  1. Sep 12 FG

  1. October 9 2022 BG

  1. october 30 BG

  1. Dec 22 BG

  1. Jan 5th BG

The problem is, hard urate usually means dehydration, right? Except the poop is watery, meaning they have excess water in their system. I don’t know what is wrong and how to fix it. I know I need to give them a better variety of greens. I occasionally feed bok choy but normally rely on collard greens. Here’s some photos of their food. I’ve being giving them 3mm of this reptaid every morning for the past six or so days. Their pooping habits haven’t gotten consistent but it looks like it’s getting a lot of crud out of their digestive system. I know this stuff is good for getting rid of parasites as well, and it’s a lot easier on their systems. I could be wrong but I’m in need of help. They’re tired but eating regularly. I will admit I don’t feed them at the exact time every day but it’s always in the morning. Around 8 or 10 at the latest. Their lights turn on at 6am so it gives them plenty of time to warm up. Lunch time is around 4:40-5:30 and bedtime is at 8pm. I spray their food with calcium maybe 3 times a week, sometimes I spray and have a little powdered. Vitamins maybe 2 times a week. At first I thought they were getting too much because their heated were so hard, so I stopped giving it every day as we used to.
They do not have mbd.
Last fecal test was over two months ago. I will schedule one with our new vet for sometime next week.


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Beardie name(s)
Sir Henry of Scales
Sir Henry hates anything with powders on it so we use liquid calcium and vitamins. We order them off Tracie's website and they come with a dosage chart. Just in case you are interested in checking out another form of supplements. I've never used sprays so I can't help with those.

Drache613 Sicko
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Yes, you can use powdered or dried cherries, etc.
Using the powder in the capsules, just use a small
pinch mixed in with water or juice, or sprinkled directly
onto his greens, etc. It has a good flavor so you
shouldn't have any trouble getting him to eat the food
with the powder on it or drink it with fluids.
Let us know how he is doing.



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Sorry I missed this ! That is a female, and don't worry about asking a lot of Q's, it's no bother at all.
No problem!! Here’s her poop for an update! It’s looking MUCH better! Been using less supplements, more variety of food, and twice a week tart cherries!


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Drache613 Sicko
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Yes, the urate is much improved, great job! Perhaps the tart cherry addition is helping out. I think
less supplementation is key as well, or just better supplementation.
Also, it does take some time for their systems to flush things out & normalize, too in comparison to
mammals' systems.



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Yes, the urate is much improved, great job! Perhaps the tart cherry addition is helping out. I think
less supplementation is key as well, or just better supplementation.
Also, it does take some time for their systems to flush things out & normalize, too in comparison to
mammals' systems.


Thank you for all your help!


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Yes, the urate is much improved, great job! Perhaps the tart cherry addition is helping out. I think
less supplementation is key as well, or just better supplementation.
Also, it does take some time for their systems to flush things out & normalize, too in comparison to
mammals' systems.

So I checked her teeth right before bed time and they look pretty rough. Translucent teeth means she needs calcium ASAP right? I haven’t moved the t8 into the enclosure yet because I installed the top screen the wrong way, so I’ll be working on that tomorrow.


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AHBD Sicko
Bottom teeth look a little on the small side but it's not uncommon and shouldn't be a problem. Proper calcium is always important to maintain healthy teeth so just be sure to use it a few times a week and have good uvb exposure.

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