puffing beard then quicklyretracting it

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My beardies have puffed their beard out, not for defense, but instead they puffed it out and it back in and they repeated this process a several times.

I have seen my larger one puff out in defense but this time it puffed out in a nice calm manner, i don't know why, its almost as if it was strecthing it or spreading it.

why do they do that?


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I think it is them stretching. When my boys wake up in the mornings both of them puff their beards a bunch and open their mouths really wide. lol They'll also do it when they're outside or running around the house. :)


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It's like their morning exercises! :) My beardie does it too, almost every morning. I'm almost sure it's just stretching.


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I think its stretching but mine do it not in the morning at night
the digesting food makes sense
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