Proper Lighting; Bulb not warm enough

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Hello, recently I bought this bulb ( for my bearded dragon and it sucked A LOT. It wasn't even reaching 90 degrees at some points in his tank. So now I need to buy him a new one, but just to make sure, I want to get a second opinion. Here are the three bulbs I've found so far that might be suitable:

Tank: 40 gal
Space between basking spot and light: 9-10 inches
Average temp in house: 65-70 degrees
Light fixture: Zilla heat lamp reflector dome (120 volts)

So what do you think? Would any of these lightbulbs be good for my beardie? If not, what do you reccomend?


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That light seems like it may work, but the amount of lumens it possesses seems a bit low. Don't you need atleast 1000 or more lumens for a basking bulb? Or is that not the case?
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