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Well my beardy will not eat anying with calcium powder on it, and now he wont eat when I put vitamin powder on his bugs :shock:
For the last week he has had no interest in crickets and he was not very happy about me putting vitamin powder on his super worms :(
He never eats his veges by himself, I have to hand feed him :| I'm hopping he will eat his worms when I don't put anything on them tomarow.
He is about two and a half years old.
I tried horn worms and pheniox worms and he seemed to like them at first, but not so mutch later and he did not digest them very well :(
So should I just not feed him for a few days and see if he gets hungry then :?: What do I do if he just wont eat anything anymore :?:


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Hmm. As long as he's hydrated enough and your UVB is good and your basking temp is at least 95*F so he can digest, maybe your beardie's tummy flora is just "off" for some reason? That can cause appetite issues. You could try probiotics, either a supplement or non-dairy soy yogurt. (My big guy stopped eating for no apparent reason a while ago; we gave him some soy yogurt one afternoon and he ate his bugs like a pig the next day. I don't know what could have gotten his tummy flora out of whack, but the yogurt apparently fixed it! :))


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I had one that would only eat dusted bugs for a while. She figured out she wasn't going to get them every single time. AFTER a bit... lol


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Well Basil did not seem to want his super worms today :( He ate them after a while though :|
I have one left so thats all I'm going to give him. It may be that I've been over feeding him lately, I guess i'm comparing how much he would eat when he was still growing. It is right that beardys eat less live food when they are all grown up :?:
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